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So among my other failures that I’ve chucked up to being out of my own control, is the dating scene, of which I have newly found myself to be apart of. 

I would switch my status to “It’s Complicated”…because it is. I still see my bf/ ex-bf, if you’re inclined. And yes, I compare every man to that man. 

And so far, he’s winning…

WTF is wrong with the men of today? And men you cannot blame us women…at least not the ones I know. 

The ones I know have jobs or if not are strongly working towards something. My male friend, of whom I am not speaking to at the moment, due to his ignorant comments regarding my online dating adventures (and don’t roll your eyes…yes I said ONLINE. Ain’t no body got time for meeting face 2 face). His biased male viewpoint has no place in my dating life. 

But these men these days seem to think soo highly of themselves, regardless of whether they have jobs or not. I’m not saying I don’t need to accomplish anything anymore…but I do give props for my degrees. Yes, they keep me warm at night. 

But what do you have going for you? Hmmm?

My first date, which I should have seen coming was with a man we will term “Brit Hipster”. No he wasn’t British, but from a British colony so he spoke “Queen’s English”. A Leo who thought I was supposed to fall down at his feet. I thought we had a lot in common: I just completed my Masters, he’s working towards his Ph.D., I as a TA, he currently is teaching at a really well-respected school. We laughed at the same things…he liked standup, so you know that was a plus for me. We went to the park and talked and talked. But when he walked me to the car he went in for the kiss, of which I had to decline. I mean, you took me no where. I asked for a hug instead. Is that so bad? Apparently it was. Texted me and was like: …um, it’s not going to work out. A shocked me was like, “um…ok…because I didn’t kiss you?” 

I just thought I would be having a better time than this but between dudes that do take you out…which is rare. Like what happened to dating? They say they want to date you and even arrange it, but when that time rolls around, they are no where to be found. I guess everyone is so self-involved. 

I had a date. And then he didn’t show up. 

Am supposed to be meeting this other guy tomorrow. He asked me, we arranged it and I see him still online. He says absolutely nothing to me. 

Oh and then there was this guy who I swear is a Catfish. Hot pictures. Likes to talk online but when you call him, phone dodges and does not sound like his voice at all. I find it suspicious that you like to talk online but not on the phone. 

And then there are the pervs. Those guys that just want to meet for hookups but put in their profiles that they want long-term relationships. 

Sorry, but this is all new to me. I am both repulsed and fascinated at the same time. It is my new obsession. 

So my male friend and I got into a heated argument over…wait for it….

DICK PICS. Guys like to send dick pics. I’m sure I’m not the only girl in the world that has received them. They are a common occurrence sadly in the female world. But my male friend does not think men send pictures of their penises to females…oh no, men do not do this. I’m asking for it. I’m bartering pictures of male members in exchange for something else. “I have to be”. And since, he has such a skewered view, which included how he was going to put his own in his profile pictures, I refuse to talk to him. 


Am still job hunting. Thought I would take to Craigslist to shortcut a job somehow. Came up with the brilliant idea of becoming a Personal Assistant or Receptionist with little avail. Scammers abound, so beware. The old “I’ll Send You a Check To Deposit Into Your Account”. 

Had an interview that went well with a huge bookstore. Made it to the second round, so I hope all works out well. At least with something, I will be less pressured. Can focus on my more creative side. Am trying to gear myself up for an art show, can maybe sell a piece or two.

 I need money just to make art. And am still in love with the idea of collaboration…egos need not apply. 


I feel like taking a risk, by showing you a copy of my cover letter: 

This letter is to express my interest in the Exhibition Designer position for your world-renown institution. I am a graduate of the Corcoran College of Art and Design in Washington, DC. Based on my experiences and skills learned while studying within the Exhibition Design program, and the research that I conducted for my thesis, which used your world-renown institution as its venue, I am confident that I would be a great addition to your team.


In producing my thesis, “Taking Aim: Comedians in the Crosshairs: An Exhibition on Comedy and Free Speech”, I was in contact with___________,______________,  who was not able to give me site specifications. While the average Exhibit Designer, may have been deterred from using your ______________space without exact site measurements, I did not allow this situation to setback my deadlines or intent in designing this exhibition (this project can be found, along with the rest of my portfolio using this link:  My design and intent for this exhibition was further inspired my your institution’s Mission Statement, more specifically, “That modern and contemporary art transcend national boundaries and involve all forms of visual expression…as well as new forms yet to be developed or understood, that reflect and explore artistic issues of the era”. It is in this vein that I sought to include comedians as being Performance Artists, a sentiment that I am sure you share, as seen in your discussion, this past winter at ________, which focused its discussion on the late ______________.


This exhibit was highly interactive, featuring a reenactment of -_______________ competition, as well as a Heckler room within the exhibit space, that allowed visitors to throw bean bags at an infrared monitor, which would then play a video of a comedian interacting with a Heckler. This idea physically illustrated the main theme of my exhibit, which states that “Comedy is nothing without an audience to observe and react to a comedian’s act”. It is this originality and creativity that I seek to continue, if employed with your museum. I am a risk-taker and forward thinker, able to provide creative solutions and pinpoint problems that others fail to see. I offer insight and participate freely in the design process from start to finish, and am able to work collaboratively across departments in order to achieve the goal of bringing innovative exhibits and design to your sophisticated audience.

Thank you in advance for your time. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. I would appreciate the opportunity to review my qualifications in more detail and can be contacted at the following number ____________ or at either of the above email addresses.


Keah L. Fryar

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Readying myself for tonight’s networking event in Fells Point. Trying to turn my frown upside down. Tired of everyone trying to tell me to look on the bright side…as if they’re never down. One is critiquing my dating ventures. Can the unemployed date? 

It’s just that I’m confined to another house. Change of scenery, but still feel like I’m locked into a prison- complete with an alarm system that announces to the Warden (Grandma) when I enter and exit. 

But back to networking…

They asked for a donation, so I got Division flash cards, a coloring book, and pencils. 

For myself…Garbage Pail Kids cards. Really a way to connect to the job I really want- which is still posted. Get it over with and pass me over like the rest. 

I’m not negative…I’m just a realist. And it’s easier for me to think negatively…it’s my coping mechanism. My thinking: if stuff does go bad, you’re already prepared. No one likes a slap in the face-that hurts more. 

So I’ve armed myself with my last box of business cards. What they say now is kinda outdated, in my opinion, but it has all my important info:





Bam, Bam, Bam, Bam! 

And of course, I’m going to over dress. Got my black, white and red on…my running joke. 

Hope I run out with some connections! (Yeah, yeah, think positively and all that jazz…!)



Rejection by mail 



Ball and Chain - Another of my Twisted Fifties prints, all now available HERE!

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Messing around with materials again.

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Yesterday got  response fro a job I had applied to…a 32 questionnaire to be answered by today. Started yesterday, finished today. My entire life of design in email. TBD. 

Had sushi and drinks, in a last attempt to start over. With conditions pending. 

Received another app with a response, this one required tracing. Took 20 mins. 

Job Status? Still unknown…